On your ride, you will be assigned one of our herd. Our family currently consists of 19 horses, 4 donkeys and 2 goats:


King is a chestnut foundation quarter horse. He is 20 years old. He is tried and true and knows his stuff.


Jolly is a 17-year-old chestnut quarter horse. He is a sweet boy and a comfortable ride.


Jazz was our 21 year old tried and true quarter horse paint. We lost him this past year due to colic. He took care of so many people that appreciated his kind nature. I still consider him part of our herd.


Bourbon is 12 years old. He is our gentle giant at 17 hands.


Tex is a 15-year-old chestnut quarter horse. He loves his people.


Poncho is a 18-year-old black and white paint quarter horse. He is one of the sweet little ponies in our group.


Magnum is a 14 year old sorrel Arabian. He’s a sweet and gentle soul with spunk. He is currently not used for customers.


Lucky is a 21-year-old spotted Saddleback. He is flashy and incredibly smart!


Rosso is a 18-year-old, 16.1 hand, chestnut quarter horse. He’s a sweet big boy. He is retired because of arthritis.


Triton is an 12-year-old buckskin quarter horse. He is green broke and full of spunk (not currently used for customers).


Boomer is an 9 year old award winning reining horse. He is also the father of Georgie seen below with his mother, Golden.


Jasper is 15 years old with the sweetest personality. He has a mane envied by all the other horses! He is suffering with some arthritis, so he is not used for rides anymore.

Happy and Poncho

Happy is our newest member of the herd. He is an 9 year old, flea bitten, Welsh Pony cross. He has become best friends with Poncho, the other pony of our herd. Happy is currently being trained for rides.

Golden and Georgie

Golden is our beautiful palomino at 9 years old and the mother of Georgie, 3 years old, our youngest member of the herd.

Cookie Dough

You’ll never meet a sweeter horse. Cookie Dough is our 12 year old reining horse with the most gentle disposition.


Sassy is a 10 year old quarter horse mix. She was originally used in a therapeutic riding program. She is currently being trained for trail and beach rides.


Ella is our four year old filly quarter horse. She is just starting to be under the saddle and learning the ropes!


Lady is a 22 year old quarter horse. She is retired with some medical limitations. Although she is no longer ridable, she will always have a home at our ranch.


Sarah is a 11 year old miniature donkey. She was originally purchased as a friend for Bandit, but she decided that she likes Lucky better.


This is our sweet Bandito! At 13 years old, he is the most lovable donkey in the world! He’s never met a person he didn’t like!

Molly and Haley

Molly, 12 years old, is Haley’s mother. Haley is 8 years old. These two are inseparable! They hang with the horses and hopefully keep coyotes away!

Stewie and Owen

At 4 years old, these two are trouble! So cute and fun, but always getting into things! The follow us around like puppy dogs!